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What is United Kweendom?

United Kweendom connects Black women with mentors, coaches, and experts to help them address and overcome their unique combination of life challenges. 


United Kweendom is a place for you to start your journey of personal and professional growth or serve the tribe as a service provider.


Be one of the first to gain access by joining the waiting list as either Tribe Member or a Tribe Leader (or BOTH)

Become a Tribe Leader and serve the United Kweendom Members with all the tools you will ever need to run your online business all in one place while you host and grow your community. 

Join the Waiting List today for First Access to Leader tools.

Perfect for the woman that doesn't know where to start, is having a hard time choosing the right coach for her, or who wants to save money and time while navigating her unique set of life challenges. 

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Start Where You Are!

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